Ratchet – the working moniker for Thad DeVassie – has a straight-forward purpose:  to help people and organizations effectively articulate their mission critical messages to the right audience. Determining how best to develop key messages and tell compelling stories is what ratchet does best.     

Prior to and as part of ratchet, Thad has been instrumental in guiding change management decisions for companies and helping local startups launch at home as well as Silicon Valley. He has worked with major fashion retailers and strapped on plastic boots to interview and film America's poultry, hog and dairy farmers in their barns. He has articulated a higher education vision and value proposition to students and their parents. He has named, branded and rebranded companies, led organizations to better express their value and articulate their values, and carefully selected the words to help small and large organizations alike tell stories that give audiences a reason to take notice and care.

Collectively this begins to represent the kind of strategic communication initiatives that ratchet thrives on.



After 16 years of focusing on and telling the stories of others, Thad recognized his own story had been woefully neglected and his life's purpose was overshadowed by the practicality of work. Just as he launched ratchet, he also began to discover his purpose with unmistakable clarity. In 2012, he and his wife adopted their youngest son from China. In 2014, Thad and his oldest son traveled to Cambodia and later embarked on a fundraising and building campaign of a family-style home for 22 orphaned children through Asia's Hope that opened nine months later. He has become an advocate for orphan care, traditional and special needs adoption, and the plight of orphans around the world with his wife and three children. 

In late 2016, he and co-founder Jeremy Slagle launched Joy Venture – a platform for sharing stories of dreamers and doers who are actively discovering, developing and spreading their joy with the world.  You also can hear more of Thad's story on the Joy Venture Podcast.