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Everybody wants them. But what are you really chasing?  

We like a shiny new thing... 

when it proves to be the right strategic thing.

We figure that out by listening to the communication challenges you're facing, examining and determining what is and isn’t working, asking a lot of questions, and then offering a common-sense solution. When strategy is the driver, we can realize the valuable marketing and communication opportunities that exist instead of being blinded by all that's shiny and new. We follow a straightforward approach to uncovering both the message and the marketing opportunities that drive brand value.


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Finding the right words isn't easy. 

Even when you know what to say, how you say it can make a significant difference in the way messages and stories are heard, processed and acted upon. Choose the wrong words at the wrong time and you'll learn just how unforgiving search engines can be.   

Word choice, tone, personality, calls to action and sensitivity to audience – all of these details matter. The sum of these parts adds up to stronger and more effective written and verbal communication. From speeches to web copy and white papers to thoughtful original content, the emotional and persuasive power the right words can evoke shouldn’t be underestimated, no matter how brief the gesture or complex the issue.  


ALIGNMENT: either you have it… or you don’t.

What you communicate is critical for brand success. 

When it comes to messaging, most organizations are surprisingly similar. That similarity is rooted in a fragmented set of inconsistent messages. Yet those “fragments” are fueling marketing, sales, internal communications, culture and values statements, recruitment, board relations, and so on. When people don't know how to talk about the brand, the harder it is for them to share it and deliver a consistent brand experience. 

The design side of brand building is obvious and essential, but it rarely arms stakeholders with a common framework about how to talk about the new or rebranded organization. This is an overlooked component critical to brand growth and credibility, and it’s what we do. Because looking good will only take you so far.


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In Dutch it means “let’s work together.”     





Results never go out of style.  Ditto for collaboration.

The beauty and benefit of collaboration is in the opportunity to share knowledge, insights and expertise for the sake of always getting better. And we all desire better.

Let's accomplish something great. Together. 



We’re at our best when collaborating directly with leaders,  entrepreneurs, and internal teams who are experts in their field – people who believe in the power of thoughtful communication, who recognize that the right words and well-crafted stories are what resonate and compel, and who realize that content creators and creative designers need to be good dance partners. If this is you, then drop us a line. No challenge is too daunting. We welcome the opportunity to listen and be helpful.


As artists of a different ilk, we understand and respect the creative process. We know how vital you are to our work and vice versa. It's in part why we work so well with other creatives. When our ability to develop strategy, craft messages and tell stories meets your unbridled creativity, we’re capable of building extraordinary brand communication. We work with designers, developers, filmmakers and artists of every stripe to make brands better. We’re always open to new opportunities and strategic partnerships, so let's chat. The coffee is on us.         

Clients + Kudos

It is both a privilege and a responsibility to be entrusted with elevating a brand, addressing a challenge or providing strategic counsel that helps a client in their ongoing efforts to raise the bar. Below are just some of the organizations that have placed their trust in us as well as our partners.

We know that strategy and content don't always translate into stunning visuals. If you want to know what we do for clients such as these, connect with us and we'll be happy to talk.  


Thad has been a valuable resource who I’ve relied on deeply while serving in executive leadership roles at Victoria’s Secret and Quantum Health. His messaging work is always on brand and in support of the organization. He approaches his work with humility and commitment, and is someone who I trust completely.
— Elliott Tobias, Principal, Intersect HR Strategy
I have had the great privilege of journeying with Thad for more than 4 years now. During that time I’ve seen up close his amazing gifts of strategic thinking and thoughtful communication. He is someone who truly desires to see organizations and people thrive to make a difference in this world.
— Insoo Kim, Pastor of Strategic Ministries, Vineyard Columbus
What I’ve experienced with Thad and Jeremy (Slagle Design) is an uncommon attentiveness to the unique nuances and idiosyncrasies of our organization. The result is an editorial voice and creative direction that is authentic to us.
— Polly Shoemaker, Director of Advancement, Worthington Christian Schools
Thad knows how to architect brands through strategy and message development and makes the process easy on his clients. He is a brilliant strategist who I would recommend to anyone looking for thoughtful communications counsel.
— Cathy Predmore, VP Marketing + Communications, Make-A-Wish OKI